Tuesday, December 18, 2012


When a roof leaks, it must be fixed. Buckets and trash cans can be placed around the kitchen, but that only buys time, not a new roof.

As in the living room ceiling blog a few days ago, it took four attempts to find a local company that would do responsible work. The roof repair day finally arrived. It is a small kitchen area, and since it's flat, roll roofing will work well for the fix.

Two men put the new roof on the kitchen and the leaks stopped. However, one mishap was encountered during the repair work. The helper-worker stepped on an area that had not yet been secured and his foot went through the roofing, thus busting out the tile above the basement stairway. The repair on that "foot work" will be the responsibility of the restoration company!

The company called in his dry wall repairman and patched the hole and the repair was done - inside and out, so the kitchen is now dry and safe. Another accomplished goal to make John's house better - inside and out.

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