Monday, December 31, 2012


We didn't have a white Christmas this year. It snowed a little the day after Christmas, but this week we got hit with two rounds of heavy snow. The first round was mainly ice since the temperature went up just a little, and then back down to freeze everything.

Some guys came to shovel after the freeze, but didn't do a very good job, because the driveway was not clear and I was sliding on the ice just to get to the truck. But I had to get to a store.

We had a heavy snow Friday, and Saturday it snowed again. The guys who shovel don't work on the weekends, so I've been stuck inside since Friday. I can hint about the snow, but no one takes the hint. I am hoping the guys show up Monday and shovel me out. Approximately five driveways on my street are shoveled clean, but the three single senior ladies driveways are still snow covered and we are home-bound.

The New Year is going to have a white start. I just hope it's not a sign of a bad winter to come for 2013. At this rate, even with snow hints and requests for shoveling help, I'll be hibernating a lot in the next couple months. My yard will continue to look like this:

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