Saturday, December 1, 2012


Today is Saturday, December 1st, and a very special day for John. And for me. It's John birthday. Happy birthday to a special son.

The story is different, the story is unusual, but to me a very heartwarming circumstance.

John and I have been close since before the year 2000. That year he became my mentor and teacher as I took my EMT training with the Fayette County Life Squad. I passed the State test, and held my EMT license for six years. He was my support system, along with the woman who encouraged me to get into the training - Connie. Connie is a paramedic and still works for the FCLS.

John lost his mother, then his father, over the past several years, and went through some trying times. I was there for him all the way. Then in 2008, at Christmas, my life took a drastic and devastating turn. I lost my biological son. That was a very hard time for me and John stepped in and filled the shoes that I thought were gone forever. He has been the most special person ever in my life.

John stepped in and took care of me, saw me through many difficult times these past few years. We bonded even more. I adopted him as my son, and he adopted me as Mom. I am there for him; he is there for me; anytime; anywhere. For example, in 2004 and 2006, I had two knee surgeries and John took me to the hospital (and back home) both times, and was there for me, when my family was not.

Since most of my family is gone now, (except a cousin, a niece, and a nephew) John IS my family. I couldn't ask for a smarter, more talented, special person to fill that important void in my life, lost to me forever a few years ago.

So a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JOHN today. I may not get to see him today, because his girlfriend called "dibs" on him for the day, before I had a chance to say anything. And, also because he will be in the scheduled Christmas Parade, which also takes place this evening at 6pm, since he is a member of the local fire department. The lineup starts early, and all the local departments and law enforcement vehicles must be gathered up - and he plays traffic director and more. His girlfriend will be riding in the big fire truck in the parade, so I'm sure things will be fine without me.

I won't be going to the parade this year; it's a photographer's nightmare again. When the parade was held at 2pm and 4pm in the past, spectators could SEE the participants and take good photos. However, at 6pm, it's dark and all you can see is bright lights, NO people, and one can hardly see the floats. I tried last year, but found the time and darkness to be a hindrance. Therefore, I will stay home and send my birthday vibes to him the best I can.

Have a special day today my son, I know you will be a very busy person with all the things on your schedule today. Just know that I am thinking of you and loving you.

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Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

Wonderful heartwarming message Gail. Thank you for sharing with us about John. You both are special people to each other and to those who know you both as well. Happy birthday to John. Because of you it is the best I'm sure.