Thursday, December 6, 2012


This evening The Great Oz granted audience, by sending the Ozzie-Munchkin - who appeared to solve the Valley of Hose's tears.

I am greatful to The Great Oz, after being silent for three days, for showing mercy upon the closed water closet room.

In other words, my son showed up after work and put the new hose on the water tank and FIXED THE DAMN THING! I can now use my main bathroom and all is grand in OZ.

No more walking through the fields of flowers (my kitchen) to the Worker Room to utilize the spare (see yesterday's blog for more meaning).

I'm thankful that job is now done and we can move on to other busy work. The next household project to be tackled is the repair of my ice maker in the freezer. Yesterday I found the book (manual) that came with the old refrigerator, and the installation instructions for the ice maker. Therefore, I now know the part number and name for the item I need to order from Sears. AND, I now have someone who knows how to put the part in - so next month the repair will be done! (This repair item is something Santa was asked last year, but, the wish he was unable to grant.)

I look forward to getting ice and cold water out of the freezer door dispenser once again. Maybe my New Year is looking up afterall! I'll KEEP SMILING!

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