Sunday, December 30, 2012


Someone recently told me he joined a motorcycle club in the area. Why, I asked. He doesn't own a bike, and to my knowledge, hasn't owned a bike ever, or in many, many years. Motorcycle enthusiasts and owners usually join clubs to share biking experiences and ride together.

I would have been a better candidate for a motorcycle club, because of my past personal experiences, but, hey, I wasn't asked.

My first motorcycle was a Honda 175 that I used to ride back and forth to work in Charleston, South Carolina. My second bike (shown here) was a Honda 400 and I loved to "dress it out" with saddle bags, windshield, and a sign on the side that said "Motorcycle Mama."

Once I moved back to Ohio, I owned a Honda 650, later sold it and bought a Virago 650 (shown here), which I loved, but it had gas tank leakage problems that the dealer couldn't seem to solve. The dealer bought it back from me and I went to a Suzuki dealer and bought a new Suzuki 650 (shown below). It was a beautiful thing to ride. It was somewhat heavier than any of the others and harder to hold up straight after my two knee surgeries. That's when someone told me I needed to give up riding because of my knees. I figured his ulterior motive was because of my age. I don't think there's an age limit on motorcycle riding. Safety is the issue.

I loved riding and now I'm sorry I gave it up. But I do have many good memories of my riding days and photos to remind me of the 'good ole days.'
Me and my Virago.

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