Friday, December 28, 2012


I read an article today about the Los Angeles gun buyback program held recently. I was surprised to learn they took in two rocket launchers from people giving up their bad weapons. The LAPD had so many guns turned in, they were running short of the gift cards for the exchange. The owners could remain anonymous.

They also collected 75 assault weapons. Handguns were exchanged for $100 gift cards; $200 for assault weapons. A total of 901 handguns, 698 rifles, and 363 shotguns will be destroyed as a result of this buyback, according to the article.

Why in the world would a private citizen have a military rocket launcher in their possession? A scary thought, for sure.

I wish more cities would hold these buyback programs and get all or most of the assault weapons off the streets of this country. No one hunts deer or squirrel with an assault weapon. Only people are killed by such terrible weapons in the hands of non-military personnel. Only the military should be allowed to possess assault weapons of any kind.

I am not an NRA member, I believe in the Second Amendment, but I do believe in banning assault weapons for the average citizen, and large magazine clips. A small clip for a regular handgun will do whatever damage the shooter intends. I support the assault weapons ban and large clip ban that is being brought before Congress soon - and as the article said, so do most law abiding Americans!

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