Wednesday, December 26, 2012


During my trip down memory lane recently, I went to the house where I was born and raised. I'll write about the house itself in a future blog. From where I parked on the street, I could see the huge tree in the backyard. That tree brought back many memories of my childhood.

My father planted that tree (little at the time) when I was born. It was in the center of the rear of the yard near the garage. As a young teen, I remember the tree very well - I grew up with it. Here's how I remembered it many years ago, in this photo.

Today, after many years of growth, it was almost unrecognizable. The base is huge in circumference and it is so tall now. It has grown as I have aged. It is not the same tree that was planted when I was born, and I am not the same person I was as a kid growing up with that familiar tree in my yard.

Times change - people change, and trees grow and change as well. Nothing ever stays the same, and we might as well get used to that fact of life.

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