Thursday, December 13, 2012


I was at John's house some time ago and, while sitting in the living room, I noticed something caught my eye from the ceiling. I looked up and saw a hole in the ceiling the size of a foot. Of course, I HAD to ask.

The explanation was simple - he went into the attic, the foot slipped off the beam, and the heavy foot went through the attic floor and came through the living room ceiling.

Oh boy, that will be a fun repair. I searched for a drywall repairman and after four tries, I finally found someone who could fix it.

The area was cut out, new drywall was installed, the ceiling was re-textured around the area, and now looks like normal again.

I have also told John - no more attic ventures! He can't afford it (and neither can I now).

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John Lombardo said...

In my defense walking those beams are like walking a wire at the circus. Got to be a trapeze artist. That section of house built in late 1800's and if you don't believe me climb up there yourself. But must sign waiver before entering. My renters insurance doesn't cover that. See I have funny retort to your story. Ha-ha!