Thursday, December 20, 2012


For my mental health day, I decided to visit the past. We all came from somewhere and I wanted to revisit my memories.

On Tuesday, I drove to Willoughby, Ohio to visit an old high school friend. Then today, Wednesday, was my nostalgic drive to my early life. Of course, my ever present companion and side-kick, my dog, came along with me, as she always does. The cat had to stay home!

I drove by many places from my old stomping grounds, but today I will just mention my schools and church.

I attended Noble Road Elementary School, and it still stands today, with a new addition off the back of the school, with a playground added. I remember walking to school every day - we didn't have school buses in those days, unless you lived over a mile or so away. Rain - shine - or snow - we walked!

The church where my family went for a while is just a block away from the elementary school. The library was next door, then the church on Noble Road - Noble Road Presbyterian Church still stands.

Then I drove about the same distance on the south side of the house where I grew up to visit my junior high school. Now Monticello Junior High School is known as Monticello Middle School. I remember walking there every day when I started seventh grade.

My drive brought back memories of the 'good ole days' gone by that will never be seen again. The area has changed somewhat, but those same buildings remain, gathering memories for the students who walk those halls today, getting a different kind of education than we did in the past. The past will forever be - the past.

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