Monday, November 26, 2012


Each day has ups and downs, some days are ups, some days are downs. I can have both at the same time.

This morning I had to turn off the water to the hose that feeds the toilet tank in my bathroom. The tank guts decided to go haywire, so now I have a dead water closet in my shower room.

I have added my dead tank to the list of tasks that must be completed by Friday - the end of the month. Four other items are screaming to get done this week, because the weatherman said snow is coming our way soon. For one thing, the fan that cools the attic in the summer is still connected. The hot weather is long gone for this year. So unless superman appears to save the day, I will be up on the ladder in my garage to disconnect the electric cord and make sure the attic is closed for the winter.

I will also attempt to hang the curtain at the back door to keep the heat in and the cold out. The wind can be fierce in the back yard, and the kitchen gets cold. My winter curtain helps stop the breezes, as the temperatures have already hit the low 30s at night.

Looks like my work is cut out for me this week. Time to get 'up in the world' - on my step stool and on my tall ladder, because my 'to do' list won't wait until Saturday. Saturday is a special birthday, but it will pass without me. It is also the date set for the town Christmas parade. Again, the planners scheduled a photographer's nightmare. An afternoon parade makes for great photos of the participants. A night parade makes for bright lights, but no subject material. This year I will not be attending the event.

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