Thursday, November 29, 2012


My superman came to the rescue Monday evening. I didn't have to do any ladder climbing afterall. (See my blog from Monday.)

The attic fan got disconnected. The attic space was closed off from the cold air.

The garden hose was disconnected and the reel placed on the porch and covered for winter.

My (blanket) curtain was hung at the back door to stop the cold air draft from the porch.

Finally, my superman is also a plumber of sorts. He installed the new water valve in my toilet tank so the water could be turned back on without spraying all over.

All the last minute items that would prepare me (and my house) for the coming winter weather have now been completed.

The good news is that I didn't fall off any ladder or step stool to get the work done. As predicted, when I woke up Tuesday morning, a light dusting of snow was found on the ground and roof tops in my area. And it was COLD. The nice part of the day was when the sun came out and by noon, all the snow was melted.

I love my son, my superman, and rescuer. Because I really don't like climbing ladders!

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