Thursday, November 15, 2012


A friend and I were driving down U.S. 22 near the fairgrounds this afternoon when we saw this little dog on the side of the roadway, suffering, trying to get up, and bleeding. Since I had already passed the scene with the flow of traffic, I turned around soon and drove back to the area. Another car had already stopped and the lady was sitting on the ground with the dog. She was on the phone with the Fayette County Humane Society.

I asked the lady what they said, and, since it was after noon time, the Humane office was closed. I offered to take the little dog to the vet for immediate care. I grabbed an old sweatshirt that was in my truck to throw away and wrapped the little dog up in it. My friend held the dog and we took off for Dr. Junk's office.

The little dog had a large red collar on, with a large locking mechanism on it. A key access could be seen. The collar was too tight for the little dog's neck.

We went as quickly as possible in heavy traffic. I took the little dog into Dr. Junk and explained that it had been hit by a car and was bleeding, would he please take care of it. (I didn't have time to check to see if it was a male or female.)

Dr. Junk took the little thing and was going to x-ray to see what part of his hind quarters were damaged. I thought maybe a broken leg was possible the way it acted.

I will call Dr. Junk's office tomorrow to find out how the little thing is doing. It acted like it was in some pain, for sure. I sure hope it's ok. I would guess a Cockapoo.

I posted a picture of the little thing on Facebook to see if a Washington Court House owner could be found. So far no response. I'll keep hoping.

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