Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today I read a brilliant article by Larry Chapman, who lives near Greenfield, Ohio, who writes a blog called Chapman's General Store. Please read his blog and his bio - it's a good one!

The title is LESSONS OF 2012. Please CLICK HERE to read his article regarding the self-evident facts relevant to yesterday's election results. You will learn something, as I did.

The country is changing and Republicans must learn to change with it. We cannot live a life of the 1930s in the year 2012. They (Republicans) have antiquainted ideals and want to put women down, like back to the barefoot and pregnant days, which no longer exist. More women were elected to Congress than ever before; women have a voice and they are using it to make great strides for equality.

The Republicans can't stand the idea of ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, and LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for all. The rich wanted to buy the election with their billions sent down the drain, only making television and radio stations rich with the "buys." One smart commentator, NBC's Brian Williams, during the election results show, said (paraphrasing here), 'just think of all the research that could have been done, the diseases we might have conquered, with the billions of dollars that was poured into this election by the big spenders', and he's exactly right. Citizens United was one of the worst decisions ever made by the Supreme Court in the history of this country. Our first priority should now be to repeal it, reverse it, override it, Constitutionally amend it, make it go away!

To my Republican friends, I say this: You will survive, thrive, and endure four more years of President Barack Obama, just like we Democrats survived the worst President in history since World War II, George W. Bush, who exploded the national debt, put us into two wars causing unnecessary military deaths, and a deep recession that we are now coming out of because of the policies of our President now. He created nearly four (4) MILLION jobs in his three and one half years in office, whereas Bush caused us to lose millions of jobs and money, and his policies created the bank/financial crisis.


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