Monday, November 12, 2012


Recently, the Merchants Bank here in town had another SHRED IT day. The last event had me cleaning out old paperwork netting several tote boxes full of papers to be destroyed.

I still had a file cabinet to empty, so I got busy and went through all my files and came up with four full white trash bags of old paperwork. I now have lots of empty file folders to reuse, and a clean cabinet.

I pulled into the bank lot and was first in line. The truck had not even arrived when I got there. Soon many others started to get in line, and before long, as I looked in my rear view mirror, there were 15 cars in line as the truck arrived. Many more were arriving as I left. The bank had volunteers to help unload, so it only took me a few minutes to pull up to the truck, the guys got my four bags, and off I drove. The line moved quickly and I'm sure kept the truck busy as I heard the shredder motor grinding away as I drove off.

If the bank has this event twice again next year (like this year), I'll clean out last year's receipts and eventually only have one year of filing at a time. Maybe I won't need that extra filing cabinet now!

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Ruby Badcoe said...

Merchant Bank definitely goes out their way to help citizens clean their paper mess! I think other cities and states should initiate this kind of activity. For one, it will lessen the paper mess accumulated by people over the years and help dispose of unnecessary documents.