Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I had one book shelf loaded with Jimmie Johnson items. Then I loaded another book shelf with Dale Jr. and Sr. items. Recently, I have had to remove books from my office bedroom (similar to the other two) book shelf to use it for my NASCAR collection. I have put more Dale Jr/Sr items on the third shelf, along with other driver's items on this additional space.

I am very proud of my large collection and know it will be worth something someday to my heir. It gives me pleasure and that's what counts for now. I am a major NASCAR fan, as sports go, with a minor in professional football, STEELERS AND BENGALS.

I so wanted Johnson to win the race last Sunday, and he was in a good position to do so...until ONE pit crew member screwed up his life. One lug nut left off a wheel on his last pit stop was a violation and Johnson had to re-enter pit road to have it replaced. It was then his fate was sealed - he went from leading and winning, to losing the race and the yearly championship. As Johnson said, better luck next year. I wonder if that pit crew member will be chastised and or fired. One lug nut just lost him the #6 Sprint Cup Championship. ONE NUT! I wonder what Johnson is calling that crew member now?

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