Sunday, June 1, 2014


Saturday afternoon my yard was mowed and then I took precautions against what happened yesterday (see Ninja Squirrel).

I took a bottle of hot sauce and splattered it all around the tree in the back yard. I also purchased two containers of black pepper which were used to spread around the fence line of the property.

When I did my research on squirrel repellents, I read that squirrels hate spicy things and are repelled by black pepper, hot pepper, cayenne pepper, and red peppers. These are natural repellents which are better than chemical deterrents.

I think the squirrels will stay out of my yard for a while now. My dog is doing fine now and has no hesitation about going into the back yard. However, I went outside with her twice today until I got to the store to purchase the pepper. Better safe than sorry.

While I was outside in the yard, I noticed that the one red peony bush I have has bloomed and my lilies are opening and getting more beautiful each day.

I try to find the good and beauty amidst the chaos.

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