Thursday, June 26, 2014


What happened seven decades ago:

World War II was in progress
Smokey Bear was introduced to the world by the U.S. Forest Service
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet debuted on radio
A liquified natural gas explosion destroyed a square mile of Cleveland, Ohio
The Great Atlantic Hurricane made landfall in New York City
The start of the Dutch Famine in occupied northern part of the Netherlands
F.D. Roosevelt was re-elected to a fourth term as president
The movie National Velvet was released staring Elizabeth Taylor
Bandleader Glenn Miller's private plane disappeared over the English Channel.
The Holocaust was still in progress (which was the Germans attempt to get rid of all "inferior races"; six million Jews were killed)

I share my milestone year with:

Joe Frazier, boxer
Shelley Fabares, actress
Stockard Channing
Jerry Springer, former mayor of Cincinnati and TV personality
Diana Ross
Ken Howard
Tony Orlando
Len Goodman, ballroom dancer, host Dancing With The Stars
Patti LaBelle
Rudy Giuliani
Gladys Knight
Richard Belzer, Law & Order
Barry White, singer
Michael Douglas
Danny DeVito
Brenda Lee
I share the same month with Gary Busey.

The past seven decades have been one experience after another, educational, heart-breaking events, and good times. I look forward to my next decade! And like Hank Thompson:

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