Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I am a volunteer photographer on the Find A Grave website. One day I received a request for a photo of a marker in the St. Colman's Cemetery here in Washington Court House. I took the photo and posted it. The requester, Jennifer, and I began messaging each other and then we became friends on Facebook and would chat now and then.

Jennifer lives in Arizona, but has relatives here in Ohio. Recently, she and her sister were making a trip to Ohio to visit relatives in Piqua and Portsmouth. Jennifer let me know she was coming and wanted to meet me. She messaged me on Facebook when she would be here and I arranged to meet her at the cemetery where she went to view the monument I had photographed.

I met Jennifer and her sister and niece Friday, early evening. It was so nice to see her in person. She had asked me for directions to the cemetery and the local catholic church, which I gave her for her GPS. She had no problem finding and photographing them while she was in town briefly.

When we first started corresponding online, Jennifer wanted some more information for her genealogy research. The local catholic church keeps very old records and I went to see the secretary there and we went through many old books of records. I was able to gather records for many of her family members from this area and send them to her. It was a labor of love, because some of the records had to be deciphered since the really old ones were written in Latin and English by the Parish Priests.

I love doing genealogy and now I know it can bring people together with a common bond of love for our ancestors.


Ken Hecker said...

I agree with the value of genealogy. I have relatives still in Cleveland, and mean to work with them on our mutual family tree. My distant cousin Brian says he used to call my grandfather "Fred" I only knew him as "Richard" His middle name was Fredrick.

Gail, you said in a previous blog about Ruckasin's Drug Store in Cleveland Heights, that you lived a few blocks from it. So did I on Roanoke Rd. When my parents dragged us off to California when I was not quite 8, I left behind a dear friend named Gail. Is there a chance you are one and the same?

Ken Hecker (formerly at 998 Roanoke Rd.)

Gail said...

I don't know, Ken. I'll get out my high school annual and see if you are in it. What year did you graduate? Did you go to Noble Road Elementary?