Monday, June 9, 2014


He is a DUKE. He has settled in and enjoying his new home. He licks my hand when he wants to go outside. This is great because it makes housebreaking a breeze. As a puppy, he eats twice a day and now drinks water from the big bowl that my other two kids drink from. Sharing is good. All three seem to get along just fine.

Duke loves to sleep on the couch, but I have to sit on the couch with him. He whines when I leave the room. And follows me around the house and in the yard. He has really grown since I saw him at two weeks old.

I took him for a short ride in the car Saturday, because I want him to travel with me. Things are going well, but my sleep patterns are much different. He can sleep six hours at night, but we use the three-hour method for daytime outings. So far, it is working very well. He is such a cutie! Take a minute to see him with his first toy; he loves to play.

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