Tuesday, June 17, 2014


On June 2, the Greenfield Genealogy Group was fortunate to have the President of the Ohio Genealogical Society as their guest speaker for the evening meeting held at the Konneker Education Museum, Greenfield, Ohio.

As a member of OGS, I contacted Margaret, the Chair of the First Families of Ohio Committee, and she replied that she was able to come and give a presentation on First Families Lineage Applications. Now I have a lot of paperwork to do, because I am eligible for Fayette and Highland counties. I have relatives that were settled in those counties before 1820, which is the requirement.

I offered her the chance to stay in my guest room, in lieu of a motel expense. She accepted. I also fixed a home cooked crockpot meal for her arrival. I was not aware of it when she was invited, but during the May 3rd OGS Convention, Margaret was installed as the PRESIDENT of OGS. I was pleased to host the PRESIDENT OF OGS! What a thrill.

The meeting was well-attended and her presentation was very informative. Many attendees asked questions and she kept the crowd engaged on topic. The head of the group furnished lemonade and cookies for refreshments. It was a good educational experience for all.

When we got back to my house, we talked genealogy (and a few other topics) until late. It is easy to talk genealogy with a person so knowledgeable! I have made a new good friend and hope to visit the OGS Library in northern Ohio sometime this summer.

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