Saturday, May 31, 2014


I have a friend who hates squirrels. Today, I have joined that group of squirrel haters.

It was a new experience to fight a ninja squirrel this morning, but I won - and it cost me a little money I had not planned on.

This is what was left of the ninja squirrel when I got done with him/her; yes, he/she lived and ran like crazy.

Around 10:30am I let my dog outside to pee. She got from the back door to the tree when I heard painful screeching noises. I was still on the back porch and looked to see if she had caught a squirrel by the neck. But, as she turned around twice, I saw nothing in her mouth. It was the dog who was doing the screeching in pain.

I ran out to her to find a ninja squirrel firmly attached to her with front claws on her left side behind her collar, just hanging on, tail dragging the ground. I grabbed her collar and led her to the back door.

As my adrenalin was pumping, trying to figure out how to save her from this creature, I let the collar go and used both hands to firmly grab the end of the squirrel's tail. (I know, don't let the squirrel get loose and attack me too!) The only item nearby was a brick and I was not going to take a chance on hitting the squirrel and injuring my dog in the process.

I yanked to the left and to the right. Of course, the squirrel did not yet want to let loose of the dog's side, so my dog was jerked a little left and right as well. One more firm yank to the right and (out of sheer anger) I gave one more stronger yank to the left and felt it release its claws and I slung that ninja as far as I could throw it across the yard.

The dog and I quickly got inside the door of the porch as the squirrel scampered off somewhere. I went into the kitchen to wash my hands when I noticed a little blood on her fur. I called the vet immediately and within minutes we were on the way to his office. My dog was noticeably agitated from her ordeal.

We found where the blood was coming from - the area where the left front claw had embedded itself in her back, behind the collar. She had a small gash over her left eye as well.

Doc gave her an antibiotic shot and told me to clean up the blood on her fur with some peroxide, which I did after we got home.

Doc said that it was mating season for squirrels and they can get aggressive. Then I thought back to yesterday (or the day before) when I let my dog out and a squirrel ran up into the tree, just to sit there flapping its tail back and forth making those squirrely clicking noises (as if to say, ha-ha, you can't get me). I think my dog pissed off the squirrel.

However, today the squirrel was already in the tree when she went out and neither of us saw ninja until it attacked.

Other than a couple short walks and some tender loving care, she has been resting most of the day. I now have a broom at the back door to chase away any yard squirrels before I let her in the back yard. (What we won't do to protect our family-member pets!)

All's well that ends well, but I'm going to purchase a couple of those squirrel repellent stakes I've seen in catalogs for my back yard as soon as possible. I will do whatever I can to keep those rodents out of my yard!

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