Friday, May 2, 2014


I was reading the Yahoo News today and the television article about the new season was posted. I was interested to see if my favorite shows would be on again next year.

1. I don't watch anything on CBS so their list didn't matter to me.

2. On ABC, I was glad to see that the popular shows Bachelor/Bachelorette, Castle, Dancing With The Stars, Resurrection, and Shark Tank were all renewed. Resurrection's first season was good and I was hoping to see it again.

3. I don't watch anything on FOX, so they don't matter.

4. I don't watch anything on the CW, so they don't matter either.

5. On NBC, which I watch more than any other channel, I am happy to say my favorites were all saved to air again in the fall: The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Apprentice, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Law & Order SUV, Parenthood, The Voice, and Hollywood Game Night.

When these shows are not on, I am usually watching HLN's Forensic Files, Hallmark Movie Channel's Murder She Wrote-Diagnosis Murder-Perry Mason, TNT's Dallas (which I DVR) or Castle reruns, USA for Law & Order reruns, Comedy Channel when Jeff Dunham's concerts are on, and History2 which has a variety of historically educational shows. Occasionally, I will watch one or two other channels for older comedy reruns.

Therefore, the majority of shows I watch are on about 10 different channels, but the cable company splits them up into different packages so I have to have the $80 per month variety package in order to get my 10 channels. They have quite a gimmick going. I am looking forward to the day when a la carte choices are available. It would save the customer money, but lower the big corporate profits and then the CEO's wouldn't make their millions and millions of dollars gouging the “little guy.”

I am not a movie person, so I don't care about HBO or other pay channels. Being retired gives me the luxury of watching TV whenever I want. And it is good background sound when I do things like write blogs!

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