Saturday, May 10, 2014


I went to Aldi's today to get bottled water, because I do not drink our city water unless absolutely necessary. I put my quarter in the cart and proceeded to the front of the store near the cashier area where they store the pallets of water.

I encountered an obstacle in my way which made my task much more difficult. The store was advertising patio furniture and had the display set up right in front of the water. There was no way to get my cart to the water on the right side. The table, chairs and umbrella opened for show was blocking the aisle.

There was a four foot high-five foot long box (unpacked furniture items) on the left and I attempted to get my cart around the box so I was between the furniture and the water. However, I could not reach the water from that side. Therefore, I put my cart against the umbrella base and walked around the furniture, between the stacks of chairs, which brought me in front of the water display and in front of my cart.

I reached down for a case of the ten-ounce bottles and as I reached to put it in the cart my foot ran into the umbrella base (in sandals of course!). Ouch. I reached down to get a case of the regular 16-ounce bottles and when I stood back up I hit my head on the metal crossbeam of the umbrella. By that time I was ready to shove that umbrella you-know-where.

It was then a little struggle to get my cart backed up out of the small space, around the big box again, but with tugs and pulls I finally accomplished it and headed to the cashier.

She greeted me with, “How are you?” I said, “Not too peachy right now,” and proceeded to tell her of the dilemma created by the store display. She apologized and said she wanted to move that umbrella, because it surely was blocking access to the water.

After I paid for my couple items she wished me a happy Mother's Day and I thanked her and went to my truck to unload the water from the cart. I then returned the cart to the rack, got my quarter back and was heading to my truck when the cashier appeared beside me and said, “Ma'am, I'd like to make your day a little better,” as she handed me a small bouquet of Mother's Day flowers and reached out to hug me. I graciously accepted, hugged her back and gave her my profound thanks.

SHE MADE MY DAY and I've been smiling ever since. There is some good in this town!

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