Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I want to thank Fayette Carpet here in town for giving me a 15 x 15 (approx) scrap of flooring vinyl which I needed today.

The carpet on the back porch was torn up a bit under where the hot tub tank leaked water. I decided a small piece of vinyl would be better underneath before the hot tub is hooked up again this afternoon.

It is now in place and all is well. The weather is beautiful and I am trying to get all my last minute things done around the house today. Now or never!

I also realized that the tiny clamp I mentioned yesterday should have been shown WITH the penny, so here it is again. Such a tiny item causing so much trouble. But I didn't let it get me down.

A positive attitude and blocking out all the drama that tried to come at me today was finally successful. I read, I watch, I listen, and keep quiet while all the drama goes on, but sometimes I have to speak up and say enough is enough.

The way I look at it is this: a person can be friends with whomever they choose, read whatever they choose, listen to whatever they want, be a member of whatever organization or group they want, and a healthy discussion is fine, but don't project your drama onto me, because I don't want it.

Drama free zone here and ready for what tomorrow brings, and my hot tub working again in a few hours. Moving on and staying calm!!!

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