Monday, May 12, 2014


Duke is a very special little boy. He is still with his mama and has nine siblings. But Duke stands out in a crowd, because he's different.

Five of Duke's siblings are black, four are mainly white with some black areas, and they all blend well together. But Duke was given a special gift, he's yellow and stands out among his darker family. Duke's mother and father are black. He's a little bundle of joy and phenomenon of nature.

Duke was born on April 11th and will be eight weeks old on June 6th, which will be a big day for me. Duke is coming to live with me. His room has been prepared awaiting the new arrival and greatly anticipated addition to the family.

With any new baby, patience is important and schooling will commence as early as possible. It will surely be a busy summer at my house.

I'm sure Duke will quickly learn that he is the 'man of the house' with three female companions, but his 'wings' will get clipped as soon as medically safe. Since Duke will never smoke or drink, the little man will get his temperament calmed early in life by the 'surgical' method. That way, all four household members will be equal, calm and loving.

Here are Duke's siblings:

And here is the little man himself, cute and cuddly as one of the most popular breeds in the country – a yellow labrador retriever. Welcome to the family little guy – a loving home and a big back yard in which to run and play.

A short little guy compared to the the grass that was cut three days ago.

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