Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have done my research, made phone calls, and checked my information again. I have chosen a cataract surgeon and made an appointment for my initial consultation. Next month I will be on the way to improved vision in that pesky left eye.

I checked with my regular eye doctor and he approved my choice and is writing my referral letter. The good news was finding out that my health insurance is accepted by the new doctor choice.

I didn't feel like going out yesterday, when the roads were all dry. My bad. Last night it snowed AGAIN and the driveway was covered. I decided to weather the storm and put on my boots and layers of clothes to help me in the 14 degree temperatures at noon today. I walked slow and made it to my truck, warmed it up, put it in its 4-wheel drive and made it the approximately six blocks or so to the grocery store.

I got my bread, milk, and ice cream so I am ready to be hibernating again for the next four or five days. (Can't run out of ice cream in this house! My dad got me hooked on ice cream when I was a teenager. He used ice cream as his substitute to quit smoking in my teen years. I never gave up the habit, but I never smoked.)

It is extremely cold outside and the driveway and walkwayare not shoveled, but I am warm, dry, and happy inside until next week. I'm sick of snow, ready for springtime and warmer weather. The temperatures and polar vortex are giving us a most extreme winter and I'm sure not looking forward to more of these conditions.


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