Friday, January 31, 2014


Finally, today, two days before the big thaw, my driveway and ramp were shoveled. I can get outside now.

This morning I carefully walked out onto the front porch (snow and ice covered) and took a photo of my driveway covered with snow. I posted it on Facebook and said I thought my street could be a new movie title: The Forgotten Street. Sounded good to me!

The driveway at the house directly across the street was half shoveled. She is in a wheelchair most of the time, but can still drive. Maybe a neighbor helped her out, I don't know.

A few small areas of the pavement were becoming visible on the street due to four cars traveling up and down the past few days; certainly not from being plowed.

About 5pm this afternoon, the Municipal Court van pulled up out front and two people began shoveling her driveway across the street (to finish it up). Then they came over to my house and cleaned off the porch, exit ramp, and driveway. I can see concrete again! The foot tracks out front are from a diligent mailman who doesn't seem to mind this weather; he's always cheerful.

I figured I might have to wait until Saturday and the 49 degree weather that has been predicted to see any relief from the feeling of being snowed in. Prayer works! And maybe Facebook helped too!

I have to go out briefly tomorrow, and Sunday, and Monday. It will relieve the cabin fever I've been feeling for the past 10 days. More snow has been predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, but until then - I'M FREE AGAIN! My vehicle will take me out and about until the next snowfall.

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