Sunday, January 5, 2014


In my blog article of December 31st, I mentioned my wall of certificates, so I thought I would mention a few here.

In April of 1999, I received an award from the AP news service for my contribution regarding a news story from Fayette County. I had written an article about an event, including photographs, which I sent to the Associated Press, because it involved people from out of state, Texas for one.

The AP published the story and I was later contacted by attorneys from Texas for copies of my article and photos for use in their legal matters regarding the incident.

The letter shown was addressed to my former editor, because my award was (per protocol) mailed to him on my behalf. I was doing some good news reporting in those days and was proud to be recognized by a national organization.

I also have a Certificate of Appreciation from the former director of the Fayette County Travel and Tourism Bureau for my work with that entity.

The award in the middle of the photo is my writing award from Brown Publishing Company (used to own the Record Herald newspaper) for their annual News Writing/Photography Contest. In 1998, I wrote an article about tree topping which won in the Enterprise category.

On the bottom is my Certificate of Appreciation from the Fayette County Emergency Management Agency (from Fulton Terry, Director) for my work on the county committee during the Y2K Challenge preparations for January 1, 2000, representing the Record Herald (while working there).

2013 was a bad year for me. I just read where 2014 is the year of Karma Collection. I'm hoping that some of the GOOD karma I have exhibited in the past will propel this new year on a better path with more spiritual and emotional rewards for me. Even years have always proved to be better for me, especially Mondays, since I was born in an even year – on a Monday. Here's hoping and praying!

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