Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Today I learned the meaning of officially getting old. If you read TOE TO TOE, you know I've been having trouble walking this week. I finally got to the doctor's office today, only to learn I had gout in my right foot. I've never had gout before. I did some research on gout and learned that it is cause by too much uric acid in the body.

This is puzzling because I don't eat red meat, which is one cause; and dairy is a deterent and I eat/drink a lot of dairy. We could not get a handle on what might have caused it, because I don't drink ANY alcohol (another cause). One cause I found on the internet was heavy precipitation and low temperatures can also be a contributing factor. It sure has been wet and cold out lately.

I was given six pills to take, 3 a day for 2 days, and it should be better by Friday. If I'd even had a clue that this was a possibility, I would have been at the doctor's office last week Friday. Healing begins.

After my doctor's office visit, I had my annual eye exam scheduled. I was still moving slow, but I got there and went through all the preliminary tests. When I finally saw the eye doctor, I knew I had a problem and explained my latest complaints. Then I was hit with the shocking news. I must admit that it threw me for a loop.

The growing cataract on my left eye was in full bloom after three years, and the small cataract on my right eye which was just a minor bud in the scheme of flowers last year, is also in full bloom causing me to be referred to a cataract surgeon.

Next month I will go for my first consultation to review my options and make choices. To me, gout and cataracts are things old people get. So now I am officially OLD.

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