Friday, November 29, 2013


Tonight, I watched the movie Gone With The Wind for the umpteenth time. I seem to empathize with Scarlett. She struggled most of her life. She had to make something out of nothing at times. Her one love belonged to another. She moved on with her life, but he always had a space in her heart.

Yes, sometimes I believe that Scarlett and I have a lot in common. She was up, she was down, she fought her way back up and saw many troubles. I've sure had my share, and fought my way back. There are a lot of complicated emotions inside Miss Scarlett, and I understand most of them. I've been there!

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Sue's News said...

Somehow, I DON'T identify with that poor mother and lousy sister; selfish, lying, uncaring, vapid, manipulative, husband-stealing, racist BITCH, but Vivian Leigh sure did a great job of portraying all those traits. Fortunately, Rhett Butler saw through all of it!