Sunday, November 24, 2013


A husband and wife who lived on a farm in Greenfield, Ohio for approximately 75 years, recently moved to a nursing home. A majority of all their belongings were being sold at auction today. I was told by the auctioneer who contracted with the family that they collected old historical items, books and ephemera from Fayette, Highland, and Ross Counties. While previewing the sale items, I recognized an item that formerly belonged to my great-great-grandfather, James A. Porter of Greenfield.

My great-great-grandfather owned and operated the Empire Livery Stable in the mid-1800s. I have done extensive research on my family tree and traced my grandfathers' roots in Highland County back to the early 1800s. The number 44 on it is of specific significance to me.

Today, I had a chance to purchase a piece of family history. This brass livery tag was a part of the sale items and it has now been returned to the Porter family, of which I am a direct descendant. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride when I acquired it and have been looking at it all evening. I will find a nice display case and mount it properly for others to observe.

History is mine - and I am proud of my heritage - and the small piece of memorabilia I now can call my own!

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Anonymous said...

I need to talk to Gail about the livery stable tag she found!