Thursday, November 21, 2013


I dislike going to a laundromat! However, yesterday, after doing two loads of laundry, and putting the first load into the dryer, the dryer started making a noise that I knew was not good. I made adjustments to the amount of items inside without any change in the dryer's malfunction.

For safety's sake, I turned it off, let it cool, and called my handyman/repairman.

I couldn't let my wet clothes stay in the dryer, so this morning I took them to the nearby laundromat to dry them.

I put them all in one large dryer, added $1.00 in quarters, and waited the 20 minutes for them to dry. During that time, I walked around the facility observing the conditions.

I was surprised to learn that there were 52 dryers (30 on one side of the building, 22 on the other side) all numbered. I found "out of order" signs on 24 dryers (almost half).

Then I counted the washers and saw 76 washers, 16 of which were high capacity-double load-type, and found 33 with "out of order" signs attached.

All I could think about was: how can anyone run a business when half the units are not working. The owner must not be working either - or the repairman would be there to fix things so more people could put their quarters in and wait the 20 minutes for dry clothes (or the 30 minutes to wash them).

Even the soap dispenser machine was marked "out of order." So bring your own soap!

My handyman showed up this evening and my dryer is fixed. He can fix anything!

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