Sunday, April 14, 2013


The calendar says it's springtime, but the temperatures don't prove it. It was raining and chilly on Thursday. Friday was 'drying out' day since walking in my back yard was wet and the ground was still soft.

Today, Saturday, I can really say spring is official at my house. It was a sunny day with a high temperature of about 54, but it felt warmer in the sun. The outdoor work was started and it looks good.

The porch furniture was cleaned, chair covers put on, windchimes were hung in place, bird feeders were hung and filled, all the garden ornaments were put in place, the garden fencing was installed, and the yard man mowed the front yard for the first cutting of the year. The front of the house is ready for summer.

The back yard was still too wet to mow, so the yard man said he would try again tomorrow afternoon. The weatherman is calling for around 70 degrees tomorrow; that should help finish the 'dry out.'

Yesterday, all the garden areas were weeded and the peonies have grown to at least 12 inches high. My daffodils are blooming (yellow and white) and one red tulip has opened; the other tulips have at least 5 buds ready to open any day now.

I thoroughly enjoy sitting on my front porch in the afternoon, and especially any time between 5pm to 8pm. The temperature is good and sometimes the warm breezes are refreshing. I can watch the birds visit my feeders or the squirrels find the peanuts I've thrown into the yard. It's also a quiet time to think and enjoy the early evening on the porch with my dog.


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