Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The "C's" just keep getting better and better.

For my first "C" of the day, I went to get my hair CUT. My hairstylist was on vacation last week and I learned she spent the week on the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At least she got some warm sun while we had snow! The 'shaggy-dog' affect is now trimmed and styled and I feel better for it.

For my second "C" of the day, I found a beautiful COAT. I decided to walk around the local Goodwill store before going to get my hair fixed. As I looked around, a faux fur coat caught my eye. It was a Marvin Richards (below the hip length) hooded winter coat. As I thought about my ten-plus years old torn and tattered winter coat, I decided this could be its replacement, especially at a low cost of $7.99. When I got home, I did the online research and found that this type of coat was (and still is) sold in Sears stores and for similar styles, the prices ranged from $55 to $72. My "C" was a bargain for sure!

I did not expect my third "C" of the day, but my favorite CASTLE show provided my laughter and surprise for the night. I read the advance news items about tonight's 100th celebrated episode, but it was better than ever! Castle was confined to a wheelchair due to a broken leg, and really missed helping Beckett solve murders. As he sat at home with binoculars aimed at the apartment building across from his, he thought he witnessed a real murder and disposal of the body. He kept trying to convince Beckett that he really saw it, but she would not believe him. It was his birthday celebration night; Beckett gets all dressed up for their dinner out, and he again sees evidence building across the way. Castle deduces that the body is stored in the freezer of the apartment and Beckett agrees to go investigate. As she nears the appliance, the apartment dweller grabs her and a knife from the kitchen counter. Castle goes crazy and calls her team to rush to her defense - he on crutches. As they breakdown the apartment door and enter, his family, friends and co-workers yell "surprise". His birthday surprise was a "staged" murder scenario portrayed by his mother's theater group to stimulate his interest in getting back to work doing what he loves - helping Beckett solve murders. The plot twist at the end was brilliant, masterful, and worthy of the 100th episode celebration.

The CUT and COAT made my day, but CASTLE made my night a TRIPLE "C" experience!

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