Wednesday, April 10, 2013


For the past week, I've been having a few problems with my cell phone. I noticed I was having to charge the phone twice a day to keep it on; the battery would not stay charged with normal use.

Four days ago, a call was dropped and the phone froze up. I had to take the back off and remove the battery for it to reset itself. Three days ago, I was looking at something on my phone, and it locked up again. I removed the battery and reset it.

During the past three days, the phone would just shut itself off for no reason. I had to work to get it back on and working. Yesterday, it quit working and the phone would not receive or make calls. I called Sprint and the tech gave me a reset code to use, but it didn't work.

At that time, I learned that my two-year contract was to expire in 30 days and I was due for a phone upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy SII to another phone. Of course, I wanted the Samsung Galaxy SIII that came out not too long ago.

Our local Sprint store is no longer in town, so the closest Sprint store is in Circleville. So today, I drove to Circleville and visited that store. The young man who greeted me was very knowledgeable and helpful after I explained my phone problem to him. After some simple paperwork, and trading in my "broken" phone and the Samsung phone I had a year ago, (which gave me a nice credit) I was able to get my new phone. He transferred all my contacts, pictures, and information to the new phone and gave me a crash course on the new features of this upgraded model.

The service representative told me that my phones would be refurbished and sent to the troops overseas who needed phones. It was nice to hear that used phones were being put to good use.

I left the store a happy camper with my new WORKING phone with a few new features I really like. After I got home, I spent some time reprogramming my specific ringtones, adding my preferred screensavers, and reloading a couple apps that did not transfer, but were in the Google Play Cloud since I had previously acquired them (for free).

I love Sprint. I am BACK and the phone is WORKING again. Today was a happy day!

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