Monday, April 15, 2013


Saturday, after all the yard work was done, my baby had her 'coming out party.' She's been cooped up since November 1 of last year. She is not allowed to see snow. Now that the weather is warm enough, she made her entrance out of the garage and got a run up and down the street, and had an 'idling period' to warm up to spring.

After all the yard work, I was too tired to give her a bath today, so that will wait until Monday. She'll get a good interior wipe-down and vacuuming out too.

My 13 year old baby can proudly boast that she's 26,700 miles young and relishes her pampering!

Like I said yesterday, SPRING IS HERE!

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Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

Your 13 year old car, Gail, is a baby in more ways than one!

My 1994 Plymouth Acclaim is 19 years old. 'She' has 90,000 miles though, but has seen relatively lttle winter driving. I know what you mean about these wonderful older cars that are so comfortable and familiar that we just want to keep making them last forever. Yours looks showroom new; and wow a convertible too! Thank you for sharing, Gail.