Monday, April 1, 2013


Once Upon A Time, I drove to Malibu County to see a Modern Family. Instead, I saw The Neighbors when I stopped at 666 Park Avenue to see The Bachelor, but it was not his Castle. The Body of Proof was seeing Grey's Anatomy while looking through the window.

As a Last Resort, I tried Dancing With The Stars in Nashville. I found the Last Man Standing in The Middle of a Private Practice with the Red Widow who was seeking Revenge.

The Rookie Blue Scandal of Suburgatory came at Zero Hour and found 2 Broke Girls running The Amazing Race. The Big Bang Theory was that the Blue Bloods were meeting in Dallas to delve into the Criminal Minds to find Happy Endings.

It was Elementary for the Golden Boy to learn How I Met Your Mother. The Mentalist was checking out a Person of Interest for the Rules of Engagement to find a Survivor.

Two And A Half Men were Unforgetable as an Undercover Boss in Vegas. The Biggest Loser must Go On through the Chicago Fire and find the Community of Deception in the Fashion Star.

It was a Grimm Revolution that Law & Order came to The Office to find that America's Got Talent afterall.

The New Normal of being Up All Night meant The Voice was the American Idol who could see through the Rock Center. In the end, they were Raising Hope that the Bones of the Family Guy would be found in the Shark Tank.

The trip was a Smash! Happy April Fool's Day to all my TV watching friends.

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