Saturday, April 20, 2013


Beer drinkers beware, don't throw away your flat or stale beer if you didn't finish it in a timely manner. A useful purpose, I've learned today, is to pour a small amount on a clean soft cloth and wipe down your wooden furniture. Then wipe off with another clean soft cloth and see your wooden pieces shine. For us non-drinkers, we just use Pledge!

Did you know that you can use a tennis ball to remove scuff marks from vinyl flooring?

I also read that wax paper is good for cleaning can opener blades.

What else did I learn that I want to share with you, some items I had heard, some I had not:

Use an eraser to clean the keys on your television remote control, your old cell phone, or your laptop or keyboard.

Use chalk to remove grease stains from clothing articles.

Use banana peels to polish silver. I need to try this one!

I didn't know that you can use Gatorade to clean stains from a toilet bowl. Pour two cups of Gatorade into the toilet, let it sit for one hour, brush away the dirt and flush. I wonder what it cleans inside our bodies when we drink it if it will clean toilet stains.

I can't eat grapefruit, but if I ever bought any, I could use it to clean my bathtub. Cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle with salt, wet the bathtub, lightly salt the bottom of the tub, and scrub with the salted grapefruit half. Rinse the tub thoroughly. I wonder if it makes the tub smell better too.

Are your vehicle headlights dull or dirty? Spread some toothpaste on the headlight cover and wipe off with a clean cloth. It's suppose to make them shine. Just one more use for my Crest!

For my cat loving friends, use some dried tea leaves to mix in with the cat litter for anti-bacterial and odor killing benefits. I'll soon see what my Miss Kitty thinks of this new feature in her “space.”

Lastly, keep your television screens clean and free from dust for better viewing. For the old style CRT screens, you can use something like Windex glass cleaner sprayed on a clean cloth, NOT directly sprayed on the screen. For the new Plasma tv's use a soft microfiber cloth, NOT paper towels, to wipe away the dust, and if you find a blemish or stain, use one part isopropyl alcohol to four parts water on a microfiber cloth to wipe the stain; do NOT use ammonia.

And don't forget to clean one of the dirtiest items in every household, light switches. Think of how many times dirty hands turn on and off the lights in each room weekly.


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