Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I don't know which is worse...the spider and web cascading off the corner of my porch awning, (the spider can be seen in the blue area below the awning), the wasps nest afixed to the top of the roof, or the forgotten birds nest up in the corner.

The birds nest should have been removed after the mother and babies left the nest, but I forgot about it. Being up in the corner, it was not so visible and I don't really look up in the corners each time I leave the house. Next season I will keep up with this.

I had no idea that a wasps nest had been made up there. I really didn't have a problem with the flying pests this summer and, again, I didn't look up to see that corner after the birds left the nest.

My problem this year has been multiple spider webs on my front porch in various areas. This spider is bigger than any other I've seen so far.

I had someone scheduled to clean my front porch and to prepare the front yard for the coming winter, but he didn't show up last week Thursday. Then he said he'd be here Monday, which also didn't happen. On Saturday, I got out in the yard and picked up all my little yard ornaments and put them back in their winter box home. I also used my clippers to cut down my 4 peony bushes out front, as Mother always taught me - October 1 is the time to cut them back to 6 inches from the ground if you want them to bloom well the next year. I have always kept up that tradition.

I'm glad there are a few warm days left in this month, according to the meteorologists I listen to, so I can clean off my porch, put the furniture away for winter, and hose off the dirt and webs. The yard mowing man was here today and did the last cutting and trimming of the grass for the season. Fall preparations are almost complete!

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