Monday, October 29, 2012


Now that the plumbing nightmare is over, I move on to the next stage of repair. The kitchen roof leaks and needs to be fixed. It was sunny, warm and nice for several days last week, and I tried really hard to get this project started.

I posted a request on Facebook asking for suggested roofers. I got three responses. I called the first one. He came over and gave me an estimate that was obviously way too high. I guess he didn't really want the job. His wife recently bought out a business here, and I think he's been too busy helping get the place going. I called him three times and left messages regarding his estimate and work, but he never returned one phone call. Moving on...

I went to the next suggested person on the list. We made an appointment to meet at the house. I was there, he was not. He never called. I called and left a message, but, of course, no return phone call. Moving on...

I went to the third person on the list. We made an appointment to meet and get an estimate. He did show up. He was nice and I thought it was finally going to work out. He gave me an estimate, I accepted and we had a verbal agreement to do the work asap. It was scheduled for last week Thursday, a nice sunny day for roof work. It's only 3-square of roll roofing - how hard can that be?

I was there waiting, and when his truck showed up, I didn't see any materials in the back of his truck. He was on the phone as he arrived. He said he had a pressing problem at his farm and had to leave and would come back later, or call. It was scheduled to rain on Friday, so I was anxious to hear from him. Late in the day, he finally called to say he would not be back; he was still working on his farm problem. I tried to call him back to see when he would be able to return, and left a message. No return phone call. I called again the next day and left another message to please call me back. No return phone call. The next day I tried one more time, left my final message that a courtesy call would be appropriate, especially since we had a verbal agreement to do the job and we agreed on the price.

Needless to say, I got no return phone call at all. To me, that shows a lack of professionalism and work ethic. I was sorely disappointed, because I thought I had finally found the right contractor/repairman.

I was, however, wrong again. There was never a return phone call, no courtesy, no ethics, no professionalism, and it rained. The kitchen ceiling leaked again. I was on my way home and noticed a home in my neighborhood was having a garage roof done. I stopped to talk to the roofer. He was actually a drywall specialist, who also does roofing, but not roll roofing. He gave me the name and phone number of his boss, who could do the job.

Moral: forget Facebook, just drive around until you find someone who is actually doing the kind of job you need and ask questions!

Today, I called the boss, whose company is a restoration company that does all kinds of repair work and building. We talked about the job, what happened to me, and what I needed asap. He agreed to come to the house tomorrow and tarp the roof, get some material estimates and give me an estimate right away. If we can come to an agreement on the price, he will watch for a small break in the rain this week, and do the job immediately. At least I have the first step set in motion. In a few hours, when morning comes and the rain buckets in the kitchen are full, hopefully the roof will be tarped to prevent further damage and the repairs can being soon.

Thank goodness I had a good plumber, and the city was cooperative and worked with me to get the first job accomplished, despite the long drawn out process of it. So if I can finally get the kitchen roof repaired and the leaks stopped, I can move on to getting the kitchen ceiling fixed - water damage from the leak. I'm determined and steadfast in my effort to get this project accomplished. When an obstacle is put in my path, I just work that much harder to reach my goal.

ONWARD AND UPWARD! Stay tuned.....


Tiffany Larsen said...

Talk about bad luck, huh? Finding the right contractor actually takes a lot of research and a bit of luck. Sometimes, you might find yourself switching from one contractor to the other (such as your case). Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get the right contractor on your first phone call. Well, it’s a good thing that the other contractors backed out early. That saved you the money and the hassle!

Brendan Gertner said...

Finally! But I guess you wouldn’t have want it any other way either. Suppose you pursue the third contractor and he called, you will always have doubts because of your previous transaction with him. Recommendations still remain the most reliable way to hire a good roofer. Good luck!

Chantay said...

A leaking roof is a STRESS! Next time, you should ask for referrals instead of trying your luck. It’s the safest and surest way to find a reliable roofer to do the repairs for you. Have you found a roofing contractor already?

-Chantay Smithingell

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