Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I must be a forgettable character today.

A group dinner that has been on the calendar for a month was forgotten, like me. After two emails and one phone call, I showed up to pick up my friend to travel to see our friends in the group. I didn't think anything about her car not being in the driveway since she has recently has some work done on it. After sitting for a bit, I finally called to see why she had not come out of the house. She wasn't home. She said she had another function to attend, yet didn't let me know.

I had a cold flair up some last night, but I was not going to let the others down and be a no-show in spite of it. However, the night was blown, so I went home and went to bed to cure my cold and depression.

This evening the phone rang. After a few minutes of the conversation, the person said I'll call you back, someone else important was calling. I fell asleep holding the phone. When I awoke, I texted to see if things were ok. I was forgotten and life went on.

About two weeks ago, I had a slight cold. I took some cold medicine and it went away. Or so I thought. Last night it came back and it was hard to breathe. I went to the store to buy more cold medicine today since it decided to visit my sinus's again. I need it to go away so I can get my flu shot, which has been schedule at the doctor's office.

Just another obstacle in my path. I just overcame one today. I finished producing the newsletter for which I am Editor and it needed to be mailed today. However, the group would not give me a check in advance to pay for it. So I worked out a deal with the printer regarding the price of future issues, and paid for it myself. I spent last evening folding, labeling and sorting the 202 issues and took them to the post office at noon today. I also paid the mailing costs. Now I can submit the receipts for full reimbursement. Just another step in my quest to keep a good reputation for an on-time good product.

Moving on - whether I am a forgettable character or not.

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