Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I wore myself out today - work and play.

First thing this morning, I met the city guy from the sewer department at the plumbing-problem house. Because of the backup in two houses, he and his crew will return Thursday to run a dye test and jet the line from the manhole where the four houses on the street connect to the main line. The building inspector also showed to measure the lot so the property line could be determined. I spent yesterday going from the City Service Department, to the Building Inspector's office, to the Auditor's Office, to the Map Office, to the Recorder's Office looking at plats and getting measurements. I am happy to report that the fence in the backyard belongs to the neighbor - complete with a tree growing up with the fence in the middle of it. His tree too!

Things are finally getting solved - slowly but surely.

I arrived back home at noon, just in time for my friend to get there. The house is now clean as a whistle. It looks so good. I took photographs of all the items I will be selling on Facebook yard sale. I have a clean hallway with nothing in the walkway to stumble on. That was the biggest thing. But bigger yet - my guest room is now a truly neat guest room ready for company. It was thoroughly cleaned and all boxed and extra items moved into the office room to be sorted out. I have been trying to get this done for some time now. (Ok, MDC, your getaway is ready!)

After all the housework was done, I did rest for about an hour after an early supper (which now days is just a baked potato). Then one more event scheduled for 5:30 pm.

I have been looking forward to this one for a couple weeks. The Fayette County Fish and Game Association maintains a shooting range on Robinson Road and is open every Tuesday for those who get there between 5:30-6:00 pm. John picked me up at 5:20 pm. and we headed over there for our practice shoot. The last time I did any shooting was my Correctional Officer qualification test in 2005 with a Smith & Wesson 38, an 870 Shotgun, and a 22 Rifle. Using a 9mm is quite different. We used the range for 30 minutes and did our practice shots. The range instructor, Don, was very nice and helpful. I am now ready for my conceal carry course and test next month. When I left work at the prison, I could have transferred my Ohio weapons qualification to a conceal carry right away, but I failed to do so; therefore, I have to take the Ohio course. John, who already has his license, is taking me to that next month.

To me, getting my permit is like taking the EMT course in 2000, passing the test, and getting my EMT license in Ohio, which I held for six years. I worked with the Fayette County Life Squad and an ambulance service for a while. It is an achievement I can say I accomplished in my life for personal satisfaction.

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