Friday, October 26, 2012


The plumbing situation is finally fixed. The city sewer department jetted the main from the sewer line in the street. The lateral is open and things are flowing normally again. He did the green-dye test from inside the house and it was fine too. No more leaks, no more plumbers. This very large truck appeared and soon the city was jetting my cleanout from the backyard to double check the flow from there to the main line.

They did a great job. I went to Ace Hardware to purchase the cap for the extra drain line pipe in the basement at the request of the sewer guy. All the extra water in the basement is now flowing down the drain and tomorrow it will be dry again. Whoohoo.

One problem done and one more to go.

Of course, in all the running around, getting parts, traveling from one end of this town to the other, which is much to complicated to explain, I did have one mishap. The city guy was leaving and he mentioned that it looked like I had a near flat tire on the rear passenger side of my truck. Since I was near EZ Oil, I went by there to get some air in the tire and the mechanic said I had a nail in the tire. He put air in the tire so I could get to the tire shop across town. They took the tire off, fixed the hole, and I was back on the road again, coming across town to home.

I was so tired after six hours of non-stop errands and meeting with people, a nap was in my afternoon for sure. At least I can say that I overcame one hurdle, and am moving on to the next. ONWARD AND UPWARD!

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