Tuesday, October 2, 2012


After hearing a presentation by an herbalist recently, then watching the Dr. Oz Show, as I do frequently, I did some online research on some health issues that might be affecting me. I learned that the items I was studying are not always things doctors will tell you about or actively look for in a diagnosis. After all, some doctors TREAT not CURE, because you will keep coming back to be TREATED if you are not CURED.

As a child, I had many allergies and had all the usual allergy tests at various stages of life. Originally, I was allergic to milk and life started with soybean formula. I eventually outgrew that and now LOVE milk, but only drink 1% (fat) milk. As far as I've always been told, by former doctors, I outgrew all my allergies except the fall airborne ones like pollen, ragweed, etc. But now, I am beginning to wonder and seek new answers.

After all my research, I made a plan and set a goal. I needed to detox my body of all sugars, white flours, and processed foods. The first week I ate only fruits and vegetables and drank lots of water. The second week I added one meal of a gluten free pasta (spaghetti) with Ragu all natural sauce, no additives. I had been avoiding all dairy products. I ate walnuts every day for their nutritional value.

When I visited one website for gluten intolerance, I combined that information with Dr. Oz's informational show on the same subject, and came to the conclusion that I might have acquired a gluten intolerance which can manifest itself after many years, especially if allergies were in a person's past. I learned that I should use butter instead of margarine, not eat any processed foods, omit all sugars as much as possible, and avoid wheat, barley, rye, and oat ingredients.

I have successfully completed two full weeks of my new diet regime eating only oranges, grapes, clementines, drinking apple juice, eating canned vegetables, fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and have now added baked potatoes, gluten free pasta, raisins, apple slices dipped in peanut butter, and chicken breast (skinless/boneless) to my menu.

My first goal was completing two weeks on this diet; my next goal is to complete 30 days see my weight loss success grow. I have eliminated all forbidden foods from my home and no longer do "fast food" and if I eat out, it must be a salad for now.

I am feeling better, especially since I had no idea I had any gluten intolerance. Various symptoms of other problems (such as IBS) have so far been eliminated. The genetic modification of grains in these modern times are not healthy eating. The whole grains raised by our ancestors were much better and healthier than the altered states now produced. That's the reason gluten intolerance has become a more recognized state than ever before and manufacturers are being forced to make a variety of gluten free foods.

I look forward to my next two weeks and surprising my doctor with the results and news of my findings and my success story. Upward and Onward to HEALTH.

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