Friday, June 15, 2012


I have been twice blessed and my happiness level is through the roof. I had two things worrying me this past week, and last night the worry was relieved and all is well again.

Someone close had a problem, but was not ready to share. I can't help if I don't know. Last night, after days of worry, a face to face discussion took place and a new bonding. Understanding is a great healer for worry. Of course, I dispensed my usual wisdom and advice which, at least, was well received. Time heals and so will the former problem.

Late in our talk, I happen to mention that I had not seen my cat, Miss Kitty, for almost four days. I had also been worried about her since my “kat-killer” neighbor still has his trap set with cat food under the bushes near his bird feeders. I have to watch it daily.

As I mentioned her being missing, I was told to look behind me on the outside window sill – there she was, returning home. I decided it was time for a change. I went outside, scooped her up and headed for my screened-in back porch, where the door locks. I gave Miss Kitty some food and water, some loving and talking to, and left her on the porch for the night. She had three blankets to curl up on and fresh air.

This morning I got some kitty litter, fixed her a litter box, fed her again and let the dog out on the porch so they could meet and greet. I warned Miss dog to behave and she did. They got acquainted and all was well.

I was gone for a couple hours, but when I got home I let Miss Kitty into the house and she wandered around checking the place out. She is such a loving, attentive cat. She found a nice place to lie down and I could not resist the picture. We later ended up on the couch; she laid down beside me and we took a 90 minute nap together. When we both woke up, she climbed onto my chest and laid down again, making herself right at home. That's when I decided it was time to feed her again, so back to the porch.

The cat and the dog have made friends, and as I sit here writing this, Miss Kitty is at my side, curled up next to my leg, safe and sound. All is good.


Anonymous said...

"usual wisdom"? You forgot your "usual self-deprecation" and "usual humility"! LOL!

Gail said...

I guess I should have said "words of wisdom" as I'm a reader of "Confucius Says".