Friday, June 8, 2012


Most everyone of my generation knows that Jay Silverheels played Tonto on The Lone Ranger. Do you know any of these: (No Google-ing help!)

1. Herbert Khaury (married to Miss Sue)
2. Walter Matuchanskavasky
3. Leonard Franklin Slye & Francis Smith
4. Paul Reubens
5. Muzyad Yakhoob
6. Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. (former vacuum cleaner salesman)
7. Edda van Heemstra H...-Ruston (buried in Switzerland)
8. A.R. Roussimoff
9. C. Sarkisian (once married to Salvatore B.)
10. D. Paul Crocetti (formerly a boxer)
11. Marion Morrison (formerly a college football player)
12. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

Bonus question: What was Harriet Tubman famous for?

How many correct answers did you have? Check your answers tomorrow on my blog.

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Sue's News said...

I know Tiny Tim, Roy Rogers, Pee Wee Herman, Rock Hudson, of course AUDREY, Cher, Dean Martin and John Wayne and of course one of my heroines Harriet Tubman. It's SAD I know so much pop culture!