Thursday, June 28, 2012


(Kitchen area where a menu is posted daily.)
The Court House Manor Nursing Home has officially moved into their new facility on Glenn Avenue (beyond Rawlings Street on the left). St. Catherine's Care Center (nursing home) has been moved into their old building on Glenn Avenue from their old facility. (Dining area like this in each wing.)

I wanted to see a neighbor who was currently spending some time in the Manor after her four-day hospital stay. I found the new Manor to be welcoming and beautiful inside and out. A nurse met me at the desk and when I mentioned that my mother and grandmother were both past residents at the old facility, she gave me a tour of this new one.

I remember the four wings formerly being designated A-B-C-D, and now they are named Airy Acres, Bridle Way, County Crossing, and Derby Drive. There is a large therapy room off the main entrance, and a lovely Chapel for residents and/or family.

Each of the four wings of the building have their own dining area, with kitchen facilities; large common area for relaxing on a couch or chairs, and a large TV to watch; and spa for patient rehabilitation.

(The walk-in jet tub w/lift assist, also has a shower.) The patient rooms are large with dresser drawers and small closet area and shelves for personal items. Most share a bathroom between two rooms that are connected by a small walkway. In the past, a resident had to provide their own television if they wanted one; now a small LG flat screen is provided in each room.

(Picture of cafe look in the entrance area, with kitchenette on the right and tables/chairs for parties.) The beauty shop in the new building is larger than the one in the old facility and each wing has its own nurses' station. It is very modern and homey. I'm sure the public would be proud of this new facility and nice atmosphere for any relative that might need to reside there.

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