Monday, June 4, 2012


After finding all the greenery of my growing lilies in the back yard yellow and dead, I decided I needed to make a move. (See my previous blog about the killing.)

The guy who planted my flowers out front this year is very knowledgeable about gardening. I asked him to plant some small lily bulbs someone had given me. I wanted to finish the flower bed in the front yard.

Then I asked him to dig up the lily bed my mother planted over 20 years ago along the fence. I guess my neighbor on that side didn't like the green leaves that sometimes grew through the fence (even though six inches on the other side of the fence is still my property). [Back in 1968-1970, as I understand it, a fence had to be built six inches inside a property line.]

As the digging began, more and more large and medium size lily bulbs emerged. A row of bulbs were planted on either side of the back porch along the back of the house (25 on each side). We still had many left, so another row of 20 were planted along the side of the storage shed behind the house. They are all planted so I can see them from the porch. I had no idea that so many bulbs had been planted in one area, but my mother did love her flowers.

Another six bulbs were planted out front by the little white fence (see a photo in a previous blog) near the street. I ran out of room so he planted 26 bulbs in my neighbor's yard across the street. She has a bigger garden area, which he also takes care of. I had 20 bulbs left, so I gave them to a friend for her garden.

I had no idea that the total number of lily bulbs I started with was 122. It is a real shame that they were sprayed with something like RoundUp to kill them from blooming this year. But next year I hope to have a full array of blooming, colorful lilies to admire and share. They are no longer within reach of a neighbor's spray.

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