Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today was the funeral for Larry Walker, a Lieutenant with the Sheriff's Office, criminal investigator, and former Police Chief of Washington Court House. I got to know him in 1994 when he was the Chief. Later in the 1990s, my mother introduced me to Larry's wife, Kay, who worked at a bank my mother frequented. They were a lovely couple.

Larry was active in law enforcement for 40 years. According to some co-workers, he loved his job, had a lot of attention to detail, and was was good at what he did.

The funeral was held at a church near Jamison Road and burial was in Washington Cemetery. Between the two locations, the processional passed by the Sheriff's Annex building, where he worked, the Sheriff's Office across the street, and the police and fire building one block further. It was a tribute to the passing of a deputy and former chief as he had his last ride past the places of employment that he was so dedicate to and loved.

The county car which was assigned to him by the Sheriff's Office preceded the hearse draped with a wreath. The fire department raised a flag from the top of the ladder of the tower truck for the processional to pass under.

R.I.P. Larry, you will be missed.

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