Thursday, June 21, 2012


I must admit that Miss Kitty is learning and adapting fast to her inside home environment. I do believe she is already being spoiled. But, isn't that what we do with our pets?

She is comfortable on the porch at night and she comes in when the dog goes out in the morning for her quick stop. She follows me around the house and has laid claim to a chair where she spends her nap time (upside down is comfortable).

She is still curious and likes to check out corners, behind chairs, and empty boxes; but that's normal for a young cat. She meows when I talk to her, so her vocal responses are friendly and welcome. We have achieved a good rapport in a short amount of time.

Miss Kitty has already learned how to lighten my stress load...she sits on my computer so I don't do any work for a while, giving me a break. When she thinks I have had a sufficient break, she goes back to her nap chair and I get back to work.

She wants special attention sometimes, and when she wants my attention, there is no denying it. When I'm on the couch, she will walk up onto my chest and just lie down and rub her head against my chin. Pet me - pet me - now.

My dog has adapted to her new friend being in the house and no fuss as yet. They eat in different areas, so no jealousy will interrupt mealtime. I think this is going to be a beautiful relationship.

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